• Experience :
    • Compiler Engineer @ Huawei Research Shanghai
    • Software Engineer @ Citigroup Inc.
    • Founder of PROJECT λ, now open source
  • Background :
    • M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence @ University of Edinburgh
    • B.Eng. in Software Engineering @ Sun Yat-sen University
    • SCer「retired, Supercomputer Challenge」
    • OIer「retired, Olympiad in Informatics」
  • Active :
    • Language : Haskell, C/C++, Java, Python, Scala, Coq
    • Frameworks : Spring, Bootstrap, Scotty, Persistent(ORM)
  • Retire :
    • Language : APL, Pascal, QBASIC, Prolog
    • Frameworks :
  • Tools : MacVim, Aquamacs, Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ Rust, Haskell for Mac, Xcode
  • Devices : rMBP「Mid 2018」, SONY A7R3, HHKB pro 2「白無刻」

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Portfolio that before I went to University


This site is my 4th blog. The 1st is a sina blog, I used Pascal at that time. Some posts are merged to here. The 2nd is under baidu space and I have a new id: adventop and new language C++. Unfortunately, baidu shutdown its service, I had to migrate all my posts to the 3rd one with another id: idealnova, which is a wordpress blog when I was a freshman in the university.

Logo of First blog

Logo of Third blog

  • Mail:
  • LinkedIn: izhenyi
  • Steam: Z.Y.